The Wild Beauty Of Co To Island

The name is quite new in the tourist map of the North, but for those who love exploring tourism, especially young people, this beautiful island is no longer a strange name. Co To is famous for its tranquil, pristine beauty, with majestic natural scenery and especially the friendly and hospitable islanders. Named the most beautiful island in the North – Co To is a beautiful green gem full of charm. Not only are the marine nature favorable for marine products, Co To is also gifted a unique wild beauty: the sea here is always blue, like crystal; the white sand, smooth, gentle spread to the eye level. Anyone who has come here can’t forget the feeling of comfort when they are immersed in the sparkling water of Hong Van beach, Van Chay, Tai Van. If beautiful coral reefs lurking beneath the clear waters far and far infatuated visitors with the pleasures of scuba diving, the gentle slopes are attracted to people by the beauty of the primeval forests, preserved almost intact. Casuarina trees are like green contours.

For those who like to admire the majestic beauty of nature, Co To lighthouse will be a destination that you can’t ignore. Situated on a 100-meter high mountain, this is the ideal spot to view the entire landscape of the island with its green woods, winding roads, sparkling coastline and small fishing boats moored in the waters. Traveling around the island will certainly be a surprise when the mood level is changed by terrain type. Only a small island but it is very interesting to see: one is comfortable in the blue and cool water, enjoy the salty taste of the sea; Which is looking at the green rice field, night sounds frogs croaking reminiscent of peaceful villages in the delta of the North. The small paths winding through the forest, the bends of the sleeves, the mountain cliffs will certainly bring the sense of adventuring and thrilling as they are in the road between the North West forests.

People here is also friendly, rustic as the wild nature of this land. It seems that the soul of the people here is the harmony between the sun and wind, salty sea to the soil, skin tanned with sunlight, laughter melting after a day of labor. And a beautiful color which is indispensable in the painting of Co To is the majestic sunset every fall, the sky from green to pink, orange yellow and brilliant purple. The red sun went down slowly behind the spectacular mountains at the end of the horizon, shining down to the sparkling sea, it dressed up like a beautiful dress, just as what many writers describing, the sunset on the sea Co To is beautiful majestic and peaceful as a picture of life.

Visitors can go to Co To Island all year round, but the most beautiful time is in the summer when you can enjoy the blue sea, white sand, sunshine. However, if you want to find a quiet place, away from the crowds, enjoy a new feel Co To in the autumn, the east also will bring you a pleasant experience.


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